Evaluation of compliance with the balanced budget rule in 2015
Evaluation of Medium-term Budgetary Objectives for 2016-2019
Report on the Long-term Sustainability of Public Finances (April 2016)
The structural deficit of the general government in 2015 reached 2. 7 % of GDP and increased for the second year in a row. Thus the medium-term objective of attaining a nearly balanced budget (structural deficit up to 0. 5 % of GDP) was not achieved. Since... <p>More......</p> In the 2016-2019 Stability Programme, the Slovak government approved its medium-term objectives which assume further general government deficit reductions and improvements in the long-term sustainability of public finances. The meeting of these objectives... <p>More......</p> The long-term sustainability of public finances remained unchanged in 2015 and the long-term sustainability indicator reached 1. 4 % of GDP. The starting position contributed negatively to sustainability due to the worse year-on-year fiscal performance... <p>More......</p>

2014 General Government Budget Results