Evaluation of compliance with the balanced budget rule in 2014
Evaluation of the General Government Budget Proposal for 2016-2018
Report on the Long-Term Sustainability of Public Finances
The general government structural deficit in 2014 reached 2. 8 % of GDP, up 0. 4 % of GDP year-on-year. Thus the medium-term objective of attaining a nearly balanced budget (structural deficit up to 0. 5 % of GDP) was not achieved. As a result of considerable... <p>More......</p> The Council for Budget Responsibility views as positive that the government has declared its intention to achieve the medium-term objective by 2017. It is an important milestone which, together with lowering gross debt below the sanction thresholds, could... <p>More......</p> In contrast to the two preceding years, Slovakia’s long-term sustainability of public finances in 2014 deteriorated. The main reason lies in the worse starting position, which was due to the year-on-year increase in general government deficit, even if... <p>More......</p>

2014 General Government Budget Results