Working Paper 1/2018
Discussion Paper 1/2018
Discussion paper: European Fiscal Compact in Action: Can Independent Fiscal Institutions Deliver Effective Oversight?
The paper introduces a new way of linking microsimulation models with dynamic general equilibrium frameworks to obtain an evaluation of the impact of detailed tax and benefit measures on the aggregate economy. The approach involving polynomial approximation... <p>More......</p> In this paper, we document the development process of the microsimulation model for the analysis of the indirect value-added tax liabilities of households in Slovakia. This simulation module can be directly integrated into the framework of SIMTASK, the... <p>More......</p> The paper explores if EU independent fiscal institutions (IFIs) are in a position to exercise effective scrutiny over national fiscal policies. <p>More......</p>

Evaluation of Medium-term Budgetary Objectives for 2016-2019