Working Paper 2/2018: The evaluation of fiscal consolidation strategies
Evaluation of Compliance with the Balanced Budget Rule in 2017
Working Paper 1/2018: Evaluating the Aggregate Effects of Tax and Benefit Reforms
In this paper, we present a framework and perform an assessment of different fiscal consolidation strategies both on the revenue as well as on the expenditure sides of the budget in the context of Slovakia. The model we use for simulations is a behavioural... <p>More......</p> The 2017 general government’s structural deficit reached 1. 18 % of GDP, which means that the medium–term objective of having a close to balanced budget (structural deficit of not more than 0. 5 % of GDP) was not met so far. As identified by the CBR in... <p>More......</p> The paper introduces a new way of linking microsimulation models with dynamic general equilibrium frameworks to obtain an evaluation of the impact of detailed tax and benefit measures on the aggregate economy. The approach involving polynomial approximation... <p>More......</p>

Evaluation of Medium-term Budgetary Objectives for 2016-2019