Ing. Ivan Šramko

Ing. Ivan Šramko Chairman of the Council

Born on 3 September 1957, Ivan Šramko graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava (Faculty of Management) in 1980. After graduation, he worked for Železničné stavitežstvo Bratislava and the AVEX joint-stock company in managerial posts with financial departments (1981-1990). In 1990-1991, he served as Deputy CEO of VÚB ING, a. s., (banking advisory company). In 1991-1992, he led a taskforce of the VÚB bank commissioned to set up the joint VÚB–Credit Lyonnais bank. In 1992-1998, he served as the CEO of Istrobanka, a. s., and as Vice Chairman and, subsequently, Chairman of the Board of Directors. In 1998–2002, he was on the managing board of Tatra banka, a. s., Bratislava, and a member of the bank’s Board of Directors (2000–2002). From 1999 to 2001, he was a member and, between 2001 and January 2002, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Slovak Banking Association. From 11.01.2002 to 31.12.2004 he held the post of Vice Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) and was appointed NBS Governor on 01.01.2005. Upon expiry of his NBS mandate in 2010, Ivan Šramko was appointed as Slovakia’s ambassador to the OECD. In 2012, he became Chairman of the Council for Budget Responsibility.

Beginning of chairmanship: 27 june 2012
End of chairmanship: 26 june 2019