Discussion papers

Discussion papers constitute an important communication tool of the Council for Budget Responsibility. Primarily intended for the professional public, they represent a description of the methodologies and assumptions used by the CBR in the pursuit of its tasks as mandated by law. Any comments on the discussion papers are welcome at metodologia@rrz.sk.

Budgetary Traffic Lights

Discussion Paper 2/2018
Date of publication: 13.12.2018

Expenditure imputation and microsimulation of VAT

Discussion Paper 1/2018
Date of publication: 19.03.2018

European Fiscal Compact in Action: Can Independent Fiscal Institutions

Discussion Paper 1/2017
Date of publication: 05.01.2017

What should we include in the Fiscal Space Review?

Discussion Paper 5/2016
Date of publication: 28.12.2016

Improving the Validity of Microsimulation Results: Lessons from SVK

Discussion Paper 4/2016
Date of publication: 05.09.2016

Risk Premiums in Slovak Government Bonds

Discussion Paper 3/2016
Date of publication: 27.06.2016

Fiscal Policy Matters: A New DSGE Model for Slovakia

Discussion Paper 1/2016
Date of publication: 27.04.2016

SIMTASK: A Microsimulation model of the Slovak Tax-Benefit System

Discussion Paper 3/2015
Date of publication: 18.08.2015

Public finance baseline scenario

Discussion Paper 2/2015
Date of publication:  29.04.2015

Fiscal Policy Matters

Discussion paper 1/2015 
Date of publication: 23.03.2015

Another Quiet Revolution?

Discussion paper 5/2014 
Date of publication: 27.10.2014

A Microsimulation model of the Slovak Tax-Benefit System

Discussion paper 4/2014 
Date of publication: 04.06.2014
Updated: 27.11.2014

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Discussion paper 3/2014 
Date of publication: 21.05.2014

How to Measure Public Finance Consolidation

Discussion paper 2/2014 
Date of publication: 14.05.2014

Fiscal Risk Assessment at the CBR: A Conceptual Framework

Discussion paper 1/2014 
Date of publication: 15.04.2014

How to evaluate the long-term sustainability of public finances?

Discussion Paper 1/2012
Date of publication: 05.11.2012