Working papers

This page is intended to publish the results of broader analytical activity performed by internal and/or external experts under the aegis of the CBR Office. The purpose of the exercise is to enhance the body of knowledge in the area of fiscal policy in the context of the challenges and decisions facing Slovakia in the future.  Analytical in nature, these working papers are primarily addressed to the expert community. However, no one should feel discouraged from consulting this page regularly, for the executive summary of each working paper will be formulated in a manner comprehensible to the general public.
The working papers published on the CBR website do not necessarily reflect the views of the CBR or any of its members. They also do not contain the description of any procedures based on which the CBR takes its decisions. Please consult the Discussion Papers section for information on the analytical tools used by the CBR in its decision making.

Tracking the Course of the Economy

Working Paper No. 1/2019

Fiscal Adjustment in Slovakia

Working Paper No. 1/2015

The “True” Deficit

Working Paper No. 3/2014

Finding Yeti

Working Paper No. 2/2014

To Work or Not to Work?

Working Paper No. 1/2014