Charted Choices: Costing of election platforms by CPB

Prednášajúci: Johannes Hers (CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)

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The Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency present the results of the analyses of the election manifestos of 10 political parties in the book Keuzes in Kaart 2013-2017 [Charted Choices 2013-2017].
The agencies have mapped out the effects of the respective election platforms on the economy and the environment. The analysis shows that each of the proposed policy measures included in the platforms has both advantages and disadvantages. The platforms thus reflect the diverse choices that have been made by the parties.
The goal was to provide comparability of election platforms in an objective way, including a summary of the effects on the economy and the environment. Providing insight into the impact of proposed policy measures is a service that the assessment agencies extend to voters and parties. Voters must determine for themselves which (collection of) effects they find most appealing.

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Charted Choices 2013-2017, English translation of 'Keuzes in Kaart', chapter 2, the headlines

Charted Choices: Costing of Election Platforms by CPB [pptx]

O prednášajúcom:

Johannes Hers,
CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

Johannes Hers is the Head of the Public Finance sector of the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) since early 2012. Previously, he worked in various positions at the Ministry of Finance, including as Deputy Director General Financial and Economic Policy. Before that, he had worked for several years as a consultant with Ernst and Young and economist with CPB.

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